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Outsourcing Xperts offers you a wide set of software development services including eLearning software requirements. We provide our eLearning technology services to a large number of industries including Publishing, HCM, Education, eLearning, etc. e-learning is basically moving away from the traditional class rooms and helping students to learn via electronic medium.

What are the benefits of e-Learning?

  • %e-Learning offers a single source of learning material and make it sure that the content that is delivered is similar for everybody.

  • %These online e-Learning courses are very easy and quick to learn. Even they do not ask for much time and money. Learners get the matter in the form of CDs and DVDs.

  • %e-Learning is a reliable learning that makes you more dependant and accessible around the clock with the help of internet connection.

  • %e-Learning is very easy to manage with the help of Learner Management System (LMS).

  • %One of the most useful benefits of this e-Learning is it reduces the total cost which is associated with the development of the employees.

  • %E-Learning is a standardized platform for learning new things.

What we can do for you?

  • %Experience great e-Learning solutions and services with Outsourcing Xperts as we have a team of well qualified and intelligent people

  • %Our team is equipped with expert instructional designers, technical consultants and a large team of developers. We have a proven experience of e-Learning solutions of all types.

  • %Our expert resources can help you with all types of e-Learning course development projects starting from individual courses to customize learning course to benefit any person who wants to learn.

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