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Sugar CRM is open source software that is useful for managing source and customer relationship. This particular software can be used for all types of companies irrespective of their size. Sugar CRM is more flexible and cost-effective alternative to proprietary applications than any other software. Sugar CRM helps you to maintain the standards set by the open source community around the globe. Sugar CRM applications are generally built on the pure open source LAMPS platform: Linux or Windows, IIS or Apache, PHP/MySql, and Sugar CRM.

Outsourcing Xperts offer you a team of dedicated Sugar CRM developers who are highly experienced in Sugar CRM development. We offer you “Hire Sugar CRM Experts” Services at affordable rates. Our professionals will work only on your project. We guarantee our resources. You can hire them according to the need of your project like for a month/ weekly basis or on hourly basis.

Services that our Sugar CRM experts will offer:

  • %Sugar CRM installation and configuration

  • %Sales and Leads Management system Services

  • %Payment Module Management Services

  • %Campaign Management Services

  • %Sugar CRM custom module development

  • %Sugar CRM custom reports development

  • %Sugar CRM integration with other applications

  • %Client Account Management Services

  • %Billing and invoice Management Services

Why Outsourcing Xperts?

  • %We work 8-9 hours per day and 6 days a week

  • %Our developer will send daily updates about the project on regular basis

  • %You can contact the Sugar CRM developer either directly on phone or via Skype or any other mode

  • %We offer International level of infrastructure.

  • %We provide cost-effective prices

If you are looking for a reliable Sugar CRM developer at economic rates, contact us at info@outsourcingxperts.com with your queries. We will get back to you within ONE BUSINESS day!